Monday, September 4, 2017


Monarch Butterflies
The Migration Festival 
in our home town!

This weekend me and the Mr. went down 7 blocks to our little local fairground.
Within there is a garden...all flowery and quaint..but amidst this garden is, as the cliche goes,
worlds within worlds. 

I love butterflies..I mean really who doesn't?!? We humans see the beauty and assume it's for us ") 
Or maybe that was just me :P

Beside the garden was the butterfly bus where one enters the tagging station. 
The lovely Master Gardeners within demonstrated how they tagged a butterfly for the migration down to Mexico (teeny weeny dot sticker with a transmitter.)
These gardeners plant all the yummy food plants that makes the butterflies taste buds sing...when the butterflies are in the small egg stage they try to get them in tanks so that nothing..including strong winds ,rain, or the next door neighbors weed eaters can damage them and that they achieve the migration. 
It truly was amazing to see the bus/ incubation station.
The Master Gardener explained the stages and showed us how to tell the sex of a Monarch. The fella's have finer lines and a black dot on the lower wings..the ladies have thicker lines (because even in the animal world thicker is better ")
Due to so many of the habitats being sprayed with pesticides along with human encroachment we are losing our beauties...Not just Monarchs but Swallowtail and several others.  
How can you help ? Go Here 

We got to see what all the stages of a butterflies metamorphosis.

This wee little thing is the beginning egg

The wee caterpillar is actually teeny and greeny brown until it gets to be a around 5/8th of an inch then it goes to the yellow and black strip suit
Then they form the pupa to turn into a buttfly

The one on the far left is getting ready to emerge!

Tag waiting station

I will never look at another flower garden the same.
 Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 14, 2017

I am not dead!!!

Hello !!!

If ya'all are still listening I am here to update....finally!

It has been 10 months since my last post and I sure have missed you all. 

We moved from the south up to the midwest.  

The little town we live in has music piped through the streets and citizens to match no other area we have ever lived...I say this through experience. A story that I will happily share...
So get ready for the good , the bad, the down right dirty laundry and ultimate proof of the preservation of the human soul through the largest display of human kindness I have ever been blessed to receive.

It all started with a job offer that literally came and was signed on within 6 days... 3 days later came the moving trucks! 2 of them. 

All studio stuff with the exception of the flammables the truck...all pots pans knick a the truck.....all furniture with accumulated dust the truck and like it or not...all memories of a previous life...left behind. No more worries, no more sand gnats no more crazy neighbors trying to steal your land for a free fence.
 We have returned to grass you can walk through and lightening bugs, I have flowers in a garden that grows and my husband now gets his hair cuts at Art Barber the barber, Barber shop (not kidding) . 
We have a little doc down the street and a hardware store that has baby chickens and ducks for sale, a ice cream shop that has a favorite flavor special weekly.....So many things I just can hardly mention them all that makes this our home....But above all...Our neighbors. This town and all the people in it are each others neighbors. All of them are us! 
That is not anything we have ever encountered before.

After months of looking and looking "sticker shock" and more looking " outright guffawed laughter" ...finally we found our forever home. She is a french provencial that some one tried to confuse her identity by making a room tuscan- a room spanish- a room greek ....and above all that ...mustard and canary yellows (inside and out) !!!!

Those who know me and know me well ..Know I simply loathe yellow....hate it! I think it is the color of all that is yucky....please do not make me go into further detail on this opinion? It will be no good for either of us...shhh shhh....
Now understanding that I am a eclectic person through and through...My newly renovated home will look just as random. Minus the greek columns and the tuscan grapes patterns...oh and spanish tile...and I will also share that every room had no less than 2 phone jacks and some had 5....what in the world is that all about? Hubby said DSL..I say brown chicken brown theory makes for a better soap opera") Gives our french girl a little pizazz along with that whole around the world tour ..don'tcha think? 
(Please note that all pictures are before reno)
I will do a separate post showing all reno differences later. 
We closed on our South Carolina home on March 31st....and Signed on our new beauty April 12th.

Prouder parents we could not have been!!!
Now lets tear her up!!!
In the construction process all good consumers do a couple of things before hiring a contractor...#1 what is your budget.......#2  make a list of all work you need done/want done/and your dreaming! After you make this list..mark off what you can do yourself..I mean really do..not what you want to be able to do....BE REALISTIC! {she secretly whispered to herself after claiming she was super woman} Then run off to home advisor build it and a few other sites to get general pricing for your can even get free estimates through lowes and other larger places. I first tried (in support of my local small business to hire within the town but they truly where super busy already and I was late asking to get a slot"(
We had several bids to do this and that..only 3 that had all my list on the budget and now it is down to who do you think has time ..we picked the middle guy.
He came on a Saturday and we discussed everything in detail...agreed on over all pricing and how payment would be given. Money down was given...He was to start on Monday with full crew. 
Monday comes and no worker people..I did get a text at 9:10 a.m. that they were stuck on another job and wouldn't be on my job till Wednesday. hmmmm....Wednesday rolls around and 3 guys show up but no boss guy..the one has painters tape to tape everything of which i asked why because should you tear out and drywall everything before you tape??? Just a question and then the other tried to make 2 x4 four boxes to hang on my ceiling for my beams....UT OH...this is not looking good...Boss comes in to assure me...the whole time saying we will get it... (little voice repeating GET YOUR MONEY BACK NOW) Thursday and friday was spent taking down lights I didn't want and painting my ceilings white again....oh and that paint was going to double as the primer for the rooms that were loud!!! This paint was the only paint that this company purchased..I had to buy all other paint...come to find out it was not paint at all but plaster of paris mixed with old paint and water to extend...Later caught companies men trying to wash out my old sherwin williams cans..hmmm suspicious...Long story short after flooding/shorting out electric box and ruining drywall in 3 rooms and 8 days later....they were fired! That is where our real story begins.
It was the towns local electrician I called in to check on the companies work because I kept hearing buzzing....the guys took down the lights in the "demo" and put the white and black wires back in the same nuts!!!! (NEVER DO THIS)...EVER!!! we are lucky our house didn't burn down.

I looked at Gary  the electrician and asked...what do I do and who could help? 1 phone call and the best of the best showed up that day....It was literally the towns (in my opinion) best builder and general contractor that I could have ever have prayed for. One man called the calvary and before I know it...a months worth of estimates and hoping and going through some fly by night crap that could have burned the whole thing to the ground....Was reconciled with and by my new family.
I truly hope that some day I can answer a call to repay these blessings.

More to come...

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween "Flash Back"

Happy Halloween!!!
It is the very last day of 
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What a journey!!! I am truly amazed that I came this far and with some pretty severe illness as well! 
I would like to truly Thank all that inspired and supported me here through all your many heartfelt and amazing thoughts. I was truly touched. 
For the last day I am going to do a Flash Back post, Items I have made over my designing career that just always made me feel accomplished. Do you ever have that feeling when your done with a project? Like hmmmm and then you think(hmmm i don't know) under your breath. I do this all the time and then see the project about a year later and go HEY!!! not to bad. I hope you always feel accomplished and share all your beautiful creations no matter what.

Happy Halloween to all and I hope your 25% costuming tax is filled with chocolates and delicious candies! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016



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Today  I am sharing another of my skelly planks


His ears don't match and his beard is way fuller than it should be BUT I love him")
I hope you do to.

Thank you for visiting")

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Welcome to another installment of 
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Today here at 

We are featuring one of our favorite things to do ...Differences in color each image. We as a design team love to give you variety...I hope my little Myra Manes image #124inspires you to use your ink freely and with abandonment.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Left of Center Challenge # 154


to my
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Today in our 

we are being sponsored by the wonderful

The hand made broom is by ME! Just a stick and some string. 
using hubble bubble and coloring her with copics the icky green stuff is lots of YG03-06
and the dark circles under the eyes are brought to you by BV 23
(as usual click on pic for zoom)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Buzzzz Off!!!

to another day of 
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 pieces the artisans have to share with you)

Todays piece is a bit weird! I am not certain if it is halloweenish but she seemed a bit dark to me so she is getting thrown in too") 

Made on a 4 by 4 plank and sculpted over a vintage picture of a little girl I made her into a BEE

I hope she gives you a wee chill ")

Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016



It is day # 26 project # 
of the 
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I have made you a articulated kitty ATC today.
I would like to join the creators over at 
(witches,bats & and black cats challenge)

I remember these cats hanging everywhere at my grandma's at Halloween time.
It was a real joy to make it so tiny with small 1/16th" rivets.

When I searched for something unique for this little guy I found the cover of a Childlife magazine that featured these little cats in 1937

I hope you enjoy her as much I did making her.
 ATC's are 2-1/2 x 3-1/2"

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Purple People Eater!?!?!?!

Happy Jewelry Tuesday!!!
That is what today has become in the month of October for the

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Today I am respectfully calling this bracelet

Made from the lovely 

The Queen of Halloween
(this little beauty is heading to big bear as we speak)

Have a great day!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Day Of The Dead

Another freebie!

Welcome to
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Earrings are the order of the day..I have an extra 5 pair of these that I would love to send out to you.
Please write me (yahoo has assured me that all is well now with the email) title your email 
"DOTD earrings"

Sunday, October 23, 2016



Is the piece for the day!
in our 
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Today I have yet another little sculpted skully piece, It is Poe!!!
Because what the heck is Halloween without a little Poe?
And he comes with his kickin chicken STACHE as well!!!

Did you know those things stick around after you die? I wonder if this is true for girlies as well because I kinda like the thought that mine will make my skully look so debonaire:O

I hope you are not getting tired of these skully pieces, I have Lincoln hanging around back here somewhere!!! So I took these pictures and whilst editing I was feeling watched!!!
Do you feel watched too?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Addam's Family!!!

Good Morning All
"again excuse the late post still sick as a dog and hope this comes out okay"
Wonder where that expression came from? I shall onder this along with why the hell is the tylenol bottle adult safety proof as well in my fevered stupor...

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Today is a simple project that I just had to is a small example of how to make your Halloween easy and a little more spend thrifty whilst admiring a woman that we all love.


This is a painted 6 by 6 board  sanded to weathered perfection, glue your printed phrase and add glitter!!! Instant sign!

Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016



I am fighting the flu so this post is running late. Sorry about that"(

here we have another day of fabulous fun and Halloween inspiration in our
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Today I have a little skully piece titled

I had so much fun with this piece. I sculpted the little skulls,highlighted with paint and made a sign to present the movie The Shining because these kids reminded me of it! Creepy! 

Happy day 21!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Happy Thursday and day # 20 of the

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I have made this wall hanger out of the 

Tom Holtz  "Boo 31" BIGZ Alterations die cut!!

And I have an extra die..that is right! I was muddlin through the stash and BAM!!! I gotta a double and I want to send it to you! So if you want it, Please send me an email
to :  title your email "Boo31" Give me your name and regular  snail mail address and off it will go. 
First come first gets!!! But any that might write could get a sweet little consolation prize;)

Boo 31 Wallhanger

(please click on pics for closer view)
Thank you once again for stopping by, I really love having you all.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016




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I have made another ATC card to enter into the 
halloween colors challenge

Do you remember how creepy these used to be? 

I found the mini game piece in a yard sale box of crap toys! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Re-salvage Bat Necklace

Good Morning !!!

Welcome to another day of

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My example today brought to you by the lovely

Taking an older beaded chain from my jewelry box that I had not utilized in years and revamping it ")
Add some amazing BLUEMOON Studded bats
and a small shrine box...